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Campus startup Linked Up aims to play cupid for class crushes

Illustration by Leah Schroeder
The website is set to launch in the fall.

Being too nervous to ask out a class crush is a universal college experience, according to Linked Up founders Weinberg junior Sam Ridet and McCormick juniors Zachary Warrin and Christopher Luey.

The team had the idea to solve this issue in Fall Quarter but only now found the time to get their startup off the ground. This quarter, they’ve worked to create Linked Up, a website designed to match class crushes.

“We know that a lot of people can have hesitations when asking out their class crush, and so our goal is to make that as easy and private as possible,” Warrin said. “Ultimately, we want to foster stronger and healthier relationships here at Northwestern.”

To be matched on Linked Up, users will input their class schedule, add a profile photo and select classmates that they are interested in. If the feeling is mutual, users will receive an email notifying them of their match.

Warrin said sharing a class provides some students a starting point to build a relationship, which may help reduce some nerves surrounding making a move.

“We’re really trying to make it a safe place for people,” Ridet said. “We want to contribute to NU and give a platform for people to just have a better experience here.”

The startup is using several marketing strategies to spread the word about its product, including posting flyers around campus and marketing on social media.

The founders launched the waitlist for Linked Up, which received around 350 sign-ups within a week, according to their website.

“We’ve definitely focused on including a lot of different people overall,” Luey said.

Currently, the team is working on building the website and creating a good user experience and a retro design, reminiscent of a video game. The website is set to launch during Fall Quarter, according to Ridet.

While there are other online dating options for students, including the Marriage Pact and dating apps, the Linked Up team believes it offers a unique, more personal product.

“We know a lot of people might feel like the situation is not right or the timing’s all wrong,” Warrin said. “By offering an easy platform to shoot your shot, there’s a way to build those relationships up.”

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