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Reel Thoughts: ‘The Bachelor’ Season 28 is all roses, no thorns

Illustration by Shveta Shah
Joey Graziadei and Kelsey Anderson got engaged during the season 28 finale of “The Bachelor.”

This review contains spoilers.

I have always considered myself “Bachelor-adjacent.” I might pop in for an episode or two, but far too often I’m rolling my eyes at petty drama that is simply not that deep, and I lose interest.

Not this season, though.

What started as hate-watching with my friends at The Daily newsroom quickly spiraled into a months-long obsession. Like the 32 contestants, I fell in love with Season 28’s Bachelor, Joey Graziadei, and could not stop until I knew who would receive the final rose.

Let me begin by saying that while Joey was very sweet, respectful and authentic, the strong cast of women made this season such a hit.

Aside from being independently confident and accomplished, the majority of women seemed genuinely interested in getting to know Joey. They were so open with him about the challenges they’ve overcome that I — and Joey — had to know more.

The conversations, especially with the women who remained until the show’s end, didn’t come off as performative or attention-seeking. By episode three I realized that I was really rooting for them, especially Daisy Kent and Kelsey Anderson, Joey’s eventual finalists.

In a historic moment for “The Bachelor,” Joey didn’t have the opportunity to pick which finalist he would propose to. After a final date that felt “off,” Daisy realized that she was not Joey’s person and chose to take the narrative into her own hands.

Already in her final dress, Daisy knocked on a hotel door. The audience is led to believe that it’s Joey’s, but through the crack, we see Kelsey, also ready for production to take her to the final rose ceremony.

The two women had a heartwarming conversation about where they stood with Joey, and Daisy concluded that Joey wouldn’t choose her to be his forever partner.

We cut to a car scene with Kelsey on the left and to another with Daisy on the right. When the cameras zoom out we see that the women are riding together, holding hands, to the final rose ceremony where Daisy’s relationship with Joey will end and Kelsey’s will begin.

After Daisy has her heart-breaking conversation with Joey, she and Kelsey share one final embrace. “I know your mom is gonna be looking down on this moment, and she’s gonna be so happy. And so proud of you,” Daisy said.

By now I’m ugly crying.

Then, Kelsey makes the long walk to meet Joey on the beach, where he finally says “I love you” and gets down on one knee. She accepts his proposal and later, the final rose, symbolic of their continued commitment to choose each other now and for the rest of their lives.

Season 28 of “The Bachelor” was a joy to watch. Of course there was drama and silly producer moments, but at its core, this season was full of love, opportunity and agency — things “The Bachelor” should always be about.

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