The Lemon Twigs transcend time and trends with North American tour


Lexi Goldstein/The Daily Northwestern

The Lemon Twigs, made up of brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario, released its fourth studio album “Everything Harmony” on Friday.

The Sleeping Village was wide awake Saturday night for an electric show by indie rock band The Lemon Twigs. 

Headed by brothers Michael and Brian D’Addario, the band of Long Island natives garnered critical acclaim for its musical accomplishments achieved at a young age. Only a day prior to the sold-out show this weekend, the band released its fourth studio album “Everything Harmony.” The 13-track album explores somber themes woven into dreamy melodies and catchy riffs. 

With a shimmering red dress and a glimmer in their eyes, opener Josephine Network warmed up the crowd with ’80s-reminiscent funk-rock songs, including “Howdy Girl” and “No One’s Rose.” The band’s quirky energy and cheekiness entranced the crowd with each guitar strum and strike on a moon-shaped tambourine.

Time turned back a few decades when the ’60s sound and aesthetic of The Lemon Twigs took command of the stage. The brothers jumped into “The One,” riling up the crowd with the ironically upbeat song about heartbreak and loneliness. 

Tracks from the band’s 2020 album “Songs for the General Public” dominated half the setlist, which also featured songs from the new album and material from its debut album, bringing the audience along a retracing of The Lemon Twigs’ entire discography. Reza Matin and Danny Ayala joined the brothers onstage.

Under the haze of stage lights and fog, the group’s pure musical ability shone. Both brothers showcased multiple guitar solos — their raw talent emphasized by continuous eye contact with the audience throughout intricate guitar riffs and behind long, shaggy haircuts.

The small venue created an intimate exchange between the crowd and the band, letting members joke with the audience throughout the performance. The music alone could have created a euphoric experience for fans, but witty commentary only heightened the show.

When performing fan-favorite track “Queen of My School” — which was written in Chicago — the band displayed the epitome of its unique sound. A thoughtful mix of provocative lyricism and classic rock sounds combined to form the identifiable, funky style that places the band in a league of its own. 

An acoustic encore featuring a hauntingly soulful rendition of “Corner of My Eye,” a single off the band’s new album, gripped the crowd with its romantic lyrics. The stripped-down song allowed Brian D’Addario’s vocals to take center stage.

The rest of the band joined the D’Addarios to close the show with “As Long As We’re Together,” a cover of “Rock On,” and a surprise cover of Tom Petty’s “Feel a Whole Lot Better.” 

The Lemon Twigs celebrated one last hurrah in Chicago on Sunday night, before crossing the border for shows in Canada.  

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