Liner Notes: Indigo De Souza puts a funky twist on adolescent angst in new album ‘All of This Will End’


Illustration by Emily Lichty

“All of This Will End” is Indigo De Souza’s third album.

Virginia Hunt, Reporter

The cover of Indigo De Souza’s album “All of This Will End” features two skeletons, with one slouching against a crashed red car and the other searching for a phone signal. Some say don’t judge a book by its cover, but De Souza’s album art perfectly conveys the punk teenage mindset her new album encompasses. 

In De Souza’s third studio album, she masterfully hones a unique rock sound while focusing on her view of herself and her identity as she crescendos into adulthood.  

A distinctive aspect of De Souza’s persona is her independence in creating her music. The 25-year-old is the sole writer for all 11 songs on the album. 

De Souza’s personal experience appears to be a large influence on the funky, percussive songs in the album. Its impact is prevalent in tracks like “You Can Be Mean,” where she grapples with the lasting pain of a short, toxic relationship. 

Though she references relationships throughout the album, De Souza focuses on the ways that they have affected her internal dialogues, rather than the specificities of the relationships themselves. 

With “All This Will End” being De Souza’s first album since “Any Shape You Take” in 2021, which helped bring her career to new heights through features in Pitchfork and NPR, fans have generated a great deal of support for the artist in the lead-up to the new record’s release. 

The album features a diversion away from the softer and more melodic songs in “Any Shape You Take” while still retaining the same youthful storytelling style. Given that it is only De Souza’s third album, she seems to still be developing her sound and experimenting with new instrumentation. 

De Souza explores a variety of subgenres in “All of This Will End.” The first song on the album is a synth-pop track entitled “Time Back,” while she later gives a throaty rock performance in “Always.” In both songs, De Souza’s lyrics maintain a look into the fluctuations of her own mind in a way that the changing genres seem to reflect. 

Within the title track, “All of This Will End,” De Souza seems to find peace in the fleeting nature of the seasons of life, which exemplifies the present and introspective nature of the album. In the lyrics, “I don’t have answers, no one does / I’ve been finding comfort in that,” De Souza continues the internal dialogue she weaves throughout the album as she tries to understand herself in connection to the world around her.

The album comes at a busy time in the singer-songwriter’s career. The indie artist is currently on a U.S. and European tour and will be coming to Chicago’s Thalia Hall on May 18. She will also be opening for Japanese Breakfast in June and supporting pop duo Sylvan Esso on tour beginning in August. 

At her shows, songs from “All of This Will End” are sure to be featured alongside tracks from her previous albums, which interweave with one another to reflect De Souza’s musical and personal growth as she moves from adolescence to adulthood.

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