Prof. Wen-fai Fong named one of Astronomy Magazine’s “Rising Stars in Astronomy”


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Dearborn Observatory houses the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Lexi Goldstein, Assistant Campus Editor

Astronomy Magazine recognized physics and astronomy Prof. Wen-fai Fong as one of 25 “Rising Stars in Astronomy” for her specialization in transients, according to a Northwestern news release Thursday. 

Transients are defined as extremely quick phenomena, including short gamma-ray bursts and fast radio bursts. 

“It has been thrilling to interact with the universe as it changes on timescales relevant to humans (hours to days) and make new discoveries,” Fong said in the release. “It is particularly heart-warming for me to pass excitement on to the next generation of students and for them to see the universe in fresh ways and make their own discoveries.”

As a member of NU’s Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics, Fong aims to make astronomy a more inclusive field for women and other underrepresented minorities, the release said. 

Wong has also been recognized with the Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation and a National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Award, among other achievements.

“We knew early on that Wen-fai is a rising star in our group,” astronomy and physics Prof. Vicky Kalogera said in the release.

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