Cats Corner: The Gameday Podcast: Episode 3

Lawrence Price, Audio Editor



Cats Corner returns for its third Gameday podcast featuring Audio Editor and Gameday writer Lawrence Price, Assistant Gameday Editor Skye Swann and Assistant Sports Editor Alex Cervantes. The three breakdown the contributing factors to Northwestern football’s surprisingly small 21-7 loss to No. 2 Ohio State this past weekend on home turf. The staffers also discuss the Cats next pit stop in Minneapolis to face the Golden Gophers.

LAWRENCE PRICE: What’s her name again? Ms. —

SKYE SWANN: That’s a good question.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Oh that’s crazy. It starts with … Oh … Phaedra! Yeah! Yeah! Ms. Phaedra, your daughter a crazy one.

SKYE SWANN: Hahahaha


LAWRENCE PRICE: Yo, what’s good everybody. This is the Gameday Podcast for The Daily Northwestern under Cats’ Corner. I’m the host, Lawrence Price, alongside Skye and Alex. They have returned. Well, clearly we don’t have John and Charlotte but we got half the crew back, or three fifths.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Last week, me and John were on the pod as Northwestern lost against Iowa going into Ohio State, and they just played Ohio State this past weekend. All three of us were there — or the whole squad was there except Charlotte was in the stands because it was her birthday. And, you know, it was a very close game in consideration with what we thought it would be. Twenty-one to seven, Northwestern clearly lost — maybe shouldn’t say clearly — but you know, it was a much closer game than we expected. Would you all say or how would you evaluate the game? Even though Skye was kind of complaining to me about the weather a lot. But we’ll get into that a little bit later.

SKYE SWANN: Well, I definitely was not expecting Northwestern to score the touchdown first in the game and also was not expecting Ohio State to have such a low scoring performance. Just definitely a lot of key takeaways that, it was a little eye opening and just like is Ohio State having a rough period? Or, like we talked about, we’ll get into weather later, but is this something that Northwestern is making adjustments to get better and stronger for the last remaining games of the season?

LAWRENCE PRICE: I do think that was a question as well, before Alex you get into what you were going to say. But, you know, you kind of got to think about Northwestern’s clearly not going to make a bowl game this year. Are they preparing for next year? Or, are they still competing — of course they’re trying to compete at the highest level — but is it about getting the younger guys reps over guys that might have a little bit more experience? Skye’s facial reaction was crazy. Go ahead, Alex, go ahead.

ALEX CERVANTES: I echo a lot of similar statements as Skye said. You know, I think the big thing for me was the success of the direct snap on Northwestern’s scoring drive. Ultimately, it proved its downfall later in the game, which we’ll get to. But you know, I thought Sullivan did well against one of the nation’s best defenses. I would’ve liked to see him use more, I understand the effects of the weather, which we’ll also talk about, but, you know Evan Hull and Cam Porter put up a solid game — that’s what you want from your two best running backs, especially in that climate. But, you know there are some question marks surrounding some of the play calling which has been a key concern all year. But, yeah I was surprised that the game for so long felt like Northwestern was controlling it a little bit.

LAWRENCE PRICE: And I think that was really a lot we saw in the first half when Northwestern was first to score — and we’re all in the press box — it was just like in shock. Like, woah Northwestern actually scored first. They actually scored against Ohio State. And you could tell it was really the run game getting going. And the defense was amazing during the game, but the offense was really getting it going on the ground. It wasn’t even the pass game because as we know it was 30 mile-per-hour winds, rain coming down and Evan Hull was showing how much of a game changer he was — so was Brendan Sullivan. But, then it just kind of fell apart. The offense just couldn’t get anything going, of course Ohio State’s defense got even better and better. But it felt like Northwestern was shooting themselves in the foot. Would you all agree? Or?

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, like to be honest it kind of felt like a snooze fest going into the third and fourth quarter. It was just a matter of time before Ohio State got kicking and went into gear. And, I just think that, Brendan Sullivan, like the run game is only going to get us so much further, and Ohio State’s defense went into halftime, went into the locker room, picked that out, pointed it out and came out stronger. And, basically, made it so much harder for him to use the Wildcat formation, use the run game, use Evan Hull or Cam Porter. So, he definitely just has to get better at his passing game and that’s what we saw was lacking in the second half.

LAWRENCE PRICE: That’s a much better analogy than in the first week when you talked about stepping on someone’s neck. You know, I feel like “coming out of halftime,” and “kicking it” and those verbs — I mean, that’s better —

SKYE SWANN: I’m watching football to learn.

LAWRENCE PRICE: I mean, I would agree we saw or we even talked about before the pod, we saw Northwestern, because of how bad the wind was, one, they weren’t kicking field goals. Both teams weren’t kicking field goals, but they tried to stick to the run game, right? And that meant, trying to be more dynamic and using the Wildcat a lot. But, it felt, honestly, I thought that it was just used over excessively. I feel like coach Bajakian used it too much to where, you know, it’s three straight plays and it’s all Wildcat. You know, you can only do so much. If I know Evan Hull is going to be in the backfield, and he’s the only one in the backfield, I’m filling the box if I’m the defensive coordinator. We know exactly what’s going to happen, right? So, I think that the Wildcat play is effective but, you got to let Sully rock. We saw a few plays where it was just crazy. You know, him just scrambling against the Ohio State defense. Throws it across the field to Malik Washington to get the first down. I think that just shows you know you took the ball out of his hands a lot, at times when maybe you should not have, I feel like.

ALEX CERVANTES: Yeah, you know, listen I was going to pinpoint this and you guys both touched on it. This is how Northwestern started their third quarter: came out of halftime, direct snap, direct snap, direct snap, direct snap, direct snap, QB keeper — which was on third and one, not on fourth and one, third and one cause I think that’s important — and then another direct snap. So, you took your quarterback off the field six times on your opening drive, and the one time you bring him on, you tried to let him drive through, behind eight or nine guys in the box. You know, listen, Ohio State has better athletes; they have more dynamic playmakers —

LAWRENCE PRICE: Unless that’s Derrick Henry, I don’t want to see that that much. If that’s Derrick Henry, I understand because he’s like 6’4” going about 20 … 22 —

ALEX CERVANTES: I was getting there. I was getting there!

LAWRENCE PRICE: I apologize let me hand the rock back off to you.

ALEX CERVANTES: They have more dynamic playmakers. They all around probably have better top end talent, which I don’t think is an insane take…obviously it’s not a hot take. But, like you said, you’re going to load eight guys in the box and then just say try and block for Hull. I mean at some point you got to… they’re scheming for it at that point and you just … it felt like a team desperately trying to like not lose by a bunch of points rather than trying to win a game. And knew that their personnel for whatever reason like, although they say they believed in them, it didn’t feel like they were believing in their personnel if they were going back to the same play over and over. It wasn’t working, it was beating a dead horse.

LAWRENCE PRICE: I agree. We haven’t transitioned to the defensive play yet, but the defense was playing their tails off, right? And, of course, the defense can play so good, but when you’re going up against such a great offense like Ohio State, they’re gonna get those plays. There’s going to be those one-man breakdowns, which we saw in the second half. Where Northwestern is just going to give up that big play that could lead to a touchdown. You know it felt like Northwestern wasn’t capitalizing on the opportunities that the defense was giving them. But, I don’t know if y’all still want to talk about the offense but we can transition to the defense and the weather.

The weather, we talked about it earlier, but it was 30 miles per hour … between 25 and 30 miles per hour winds the whole entire game. I don’t think like from the pressbox, we can’t really see how effective the wind is. I don’t think we noticed until we got off the elevator to the press conference and was like, “woah this is crazy.” And then, it was downpours between like the first and third quarter, the whole entire game, which could’ve affected — well, it affected, clearly, both offenses but the defense played their butt off, I would say, especially … I mean … do you all have some key players that just had a great game? I could name a few, like Cam Mitchell who had three pass breakups.



SKYE SWANN: Rod Heard —


SKYE SWANN: I was just going to say, kind of like you mentioned this in the press conference, but how interesting, similar weather factor in Penn State. Both defense, then and in Saturday’s game, showed up to play. So is there a trend? Is there something going on between weather and the defense just gets inspired? Or, are these top tier offenses … struggle with uncontrolled environments.

LAWRENCE PRICE: If you want to learn more about that, go read my article on The Daily Northwestern about, you know, how the weather and defense and even quotes from the players. I just had to plug that. But, I definitely agree. Alex, did you want to speak on that at all?

ALEX CERVANTES: On just the effect of the weather?

LAWRENCE PRICE: Yeah, well actually, I mean —

SKYE SWANN: I mean, I already know the weather was hard. I was huffin’ and puffin’ and howling …

LAWRENCE PRICE: Oh my goodness, I tell you, we get out of my car, Skye is complaining the whole ten to 15 minute walk. I’m like stop complaining! Stop complaining! Oh my goodness —

SKYE SWANN: I was so cold and it was crazy because the weather said 60 degrees but that wind made it feel like 20 …

LAWRENCE PRICE: She’s going to wear only a dress shirt. No socks —

SKYE SWANN: I’m wearing flats by the way —

LAWRENCE PRICE: No socks and a dress shirt. And she’s gonna wonder why it’s cold? Or just very windy. But yeah, I would just say we experienced the effect of the wind. Not as much the rain as well. But I think it’s a huge question to ask. And I kind of asked it to coach Fitz. And, you know, he responded by saying, you know, you’re reading into this and you know, that’s, maybe that might not be an issue in his eyes or anything like that. But it’s definitely where … okay, the defense has looked, it’s best when the weather has played a factor and helped them and how in the world are you going to give up only 17 points of the season low to Penn State — well season low with Miami Ohio to Penn State — five takeaways, then we come to where the weather’s bad, then we come to Ohio State when the weather’s bad again, and you play, you know, only 21 points to the second best team in the country. Right? But you go against Iowa who has the worst offense in, arguably, college football and, you know, you give up 33 points or even games before that, like Wisconsin, like Maryland with a backup quarterback. So I think that’s a really huge question you got to ask and really have to judge that with coach Jim O’Neill’s game. And even, I mean, we already talked about coach Bajakian, but I mean, coach O’Neill, I feel like that’s a huge question to ask.

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, it even begs the question whether these defenses … are they stepping up? Or is it just the opponent’s offenses are stepping down to Northwestern’s level of play? I mean, CJ Stroud — Ohio State’s, arguably the best quarterback in the nation — only threw 76 yards Saturday. Which is —

ALEX CERVANTES: Career low —

SKYE SWANN: Career low.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Future Detroit Lion? Or Bryce Young? I mean, but also you gotta, you got to take into account the wind was crazy. Now, I said. Go ahead, go ahead.

SKYE SWANN: If you’re a Heisman Trophy candidate, I don’t care about no wind, you should be able to play in any condition. I’m sorry. You just should …

ALEX CERVANTES: I’ll back him up here. The ball like —

LAWRENCE PRICE: Not only was the ball slippery —

ALEX CERVANTES: My ball knowledge is minimal. But I think I understand physics a little bit. And when he was throwing the ball, it seemed like he was putting too much on it and then the wind was carrying it —

LAWRENCE PRICE: The wind was carrying it —

ALEX CERVANTES: The wind was coming off the lake there was … it was an excess of 40 miles an hour like … the conditions were tough. You know.


LAWRENCE PRICE: Okay, so Alex had to leave us, or leave me and Skye to handle some other duties or business. So us two are gonna finish it off, but we were pretty far into the things. We’re actually talking about C.J. Stroud. Skye thought his performance against Northwestern kind of questioned or not he should be in the Heisman conversation. Personally, I think he should still be in the Heisman conversation. But, you know, to each his own, to each his own.

SKYE SWANN: I mean, it definitely begs the question — that’s going to be like my phrase of the episode — it kind of is mind boggling how much the weather did affect him. I know it was 30 mile per hour winds. But when you think about it, it’s just a quarterback and such a prestigious award of Heisman Trophy, like you should be able to play in any condition.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Wouldn’t you say everybody has their off day? Like, everybody has an off day? Right?

SKYE SWANN: I would. But ESPN and different sports broadcasters were claiming his game against Penn State was an off game for him. So that was considered an off game where he scored. They scored, what 44 points? Then, 21 with the career low —

LAWRENCE PRICE: — Can you do something for me? 21 —

SKYE SWANN: With a career low of 79 (actually 76) yards. What is that? Like him … at that point, I just don’t even know, like —

LAWRENCE PRICE: I mean, you know, I wouldn’t expect much from someone throwing in 30 mile per hour winds as well. You know, especially the deeper you throw it, the harder it’s going to be to, you know, keep it on target. But yeah, I would say credit to Northwestern, though. Four pass breakups in between all, like the secondaries, Xander Mueller had one as well. But I would just say, you know, it’s gonna be very interesting to see how Northwestern’s defense compares to, you know, a really good Minnesota team coming up. Did you want to transition into that? Or did you want to talk a little bit more about Brendan Sullivan and Mike Bajakian. And I mean, I think we pretty much touched on that, right? Just cause I think it’s just about how Northwestern is going to manage allowing Sullivan to have freedom throwing the ball or just being able to control the offense or is it going to be more Mike Bajakian and his scheme that they want to rock with? I think we saw more of the scheme against Ohio State.

SKYE SWANN: I just think — although the Bajakian’s scheme is the run game, and we want to give Sullivan some more freedom — does he have the skill and the aptitude to pass the ball the way we need him to pass the ball?

LAWRENCE PRICE: Are we talking about Brendan Sullivan?

SKYE SWANN: Yes, I’m talking about Brendan Sullivan. I just, I haven’t seen it yet to say I’m so confident —

LAWRENCE PRICE: I can name multiple plays where he made big plays like that —

SKYE SWANN: Just to say that I’m so confident that I would trust his passing game. I can’t say that.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Bryce Kirtz. Their 40 yard connection in his first game against Wisconsin. Back shoulder grab, back shoulder pass, perfect on the money —

SKYE SWANN: But it’s rare dimes, rare dimes —

LAWRENCE PRICE: Malik Washington deep against Maryland. The game that, who was at? Skye was at —

SKYE SWANN: Rare dimes —

LAWRENCE PRICE: But you can see the potential is there, right?

SKYE SWANN: I can see the potential but —

LAWRENCE PRICE: But it’s gonna take him time to get —

SKYE SWANN: But at this point, we don’t have the time.

LAWRENCE PRICE: The season is over. They got the time.

SKYE SWANN: Then are we just playing now to just play? Or are we playing to win or are we playing to play?

LAWRENCE PRICE: Okay, okay. Okay. Skye is trying to be in her lawyer bag, asking these questions. I think that you’re gonna rock with Sullivan and you know, the problems that you’re going to face with a young quarterback. I think that’s just gonna … because I think one thing that, or, two things that he brings to the table: his arm strength, which Ryan Hilinski has, but his athleticism, Ryan Hilinski doesn’t have, right? And we’ve seen as well with Sullivan, you know, just misreads or just bad execution or a bad, you know, throwing decisions kind of like that. But that’s just going to come with playing the game or as I said before, he hasn’t been under center for over two years. So I feel like that’s going to take time to get used to the college level.

SKYE SWANN: Definitely, agreed.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Okay, so we actually agree on that. Okay, okay. Now I think we can transition into Minnesota. Northwestern will be traveling to Minnesota. While at least me, Alex and John will be traveling to Minnesota this weekend to see Northwestern face Minnesota. Again, we talked about before how the weather is gonna play a huge factor — high is going to be around 25, 27 degrees. Maybe because Northwestern has already played in weather like that, that will come to their advantage. What do you think Skye — how big do you think the weather is gonna play?

SKYE SWANN: I definitely think it might play an advantage being that cold. You know, if anything, if they are going to do a passing game, quick touches, quick release, because you don’t want to be holding that ball with your hands that cold —

LAWRENCE PRICE: Screenplays. Screenplays —

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, definitely, they might rely on the running game, but I think we could see potentially just some a lot of mishaps or miscues just —

LAWRENCE PRICE: What do you mean by that? Elaborate, elaborate.

SKYE SWANN: That’s a good question. I just think it’ll be interesting to see how the weather, how much that does affect — I mean, being in the cold, your body moves slower, everything. So from an athlete’s standpoint, just seeing how that will affect their body, the wear and tear on them, especially like Evan Hull, but he is a Minnesota native. So he might be used to this and being home, this might also fuel him kind of like a home game in a sense. So it’ll be a fun game to watch.

LAWRENCE PRICE: I feel that would have been a great article or feature or a profile to write with him going home for this game. But I mean, I think it’s going to be a really good game. Actually. On a side note, I don’t know what you’re writing about this week Skye, but I’m going to be talking about … During the press conference Monday, coach Fitz discussed how, you know, it’s all about the plan of just getting your guys older or getting more experience. And so you know, I asked him about how that can impact, you know, you want to have your guys your seasoned vets out there. But also getting younger guys like for instance, the secondary you want to have guys like A.J. Hampton, Cam Mitchell, Rod Heard, Jeremiah Lewis out there, but also, you got to get in guys like Theran Johnson, a sophomore who’s gotten reps or even Devin Turner, who was playing major reps against Maryland and Ohio State and he’s a first year. So you know, you want those guys and, you know, that’s gonna lead to some mistakes, but you want to get older, you know, or have that experience group like we saw in 2021 when they were so successful. So what are you writing about this week?

SKYE SWANN: Well, actually, I was kind of gonna pinpoint off of that, or ping pong after that a little bit with talking about brotherhood. Evan Hull was talking about that in the press game conference or post game conference. He was saying how, despite the losses, despite everything, the sense of brotherhood has kept them in it. And I feel like that’s a good way to look at the remaining games because, I mean, we might not see what is going to happen like, you don’t want to be all down in the dumps, but they could potentially go one and 11, like you predicted —

LAWRENCE PRICE: It’s looking like it. It’s looking like it.

SKYE SWANN: But, as long as they have that brotherhood and they stick together, they can potentially help build for a stronger 2023 season.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Oh, I thought you were going to say that’s going to help them win a game. Brotherhood go a long way, but you need to perform on the field as well, which we have not seen them do. So —

SKYE SWANN: I’m thinking like that can help really good for the next season, so, yeah. I think that’s a good thing to address as they keep going against these tougher teams, this brotherhood mentality, how that has kept them bonded, regardless of the score.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Fast forward to the Minnesota game, but Northwestern like we said, is gonna face off against Minnesota this Saturday. What are your expectations or some keys to the game? Would you say Skye? Because I know, we talked about the run game. But as we all know, the star running back for Minnesota — who had an amazing 2020 season before tearing his ACL — and now he’s back for his sixth year. Minnesota currently right now has the second most rushing yards per game in the Big Ten. And Northwestern is either 14th or 15th — last place — right? So that’s clearly a huge problem that Northwestern is going to need to establish. And also I kind of get nervous when we talk about the weather because Minnesota is kind of used to this, like Minnesota is used to this. This is the type of weather that they signed up for when coming to Minnesota, so they’re used to playing in that — especially a guy that’s played six years in Minnesota. So kind of makes me kind of nervous and honestly, I don’t think Northwestern will be able to take the victory here again. But I do know this: RodWave and Mariah the Scientist will be performing on Friday night. I might decide to stop, you know, at the Target Center. You know, just make my rounds to around the city and go see them perform because I’ll be a little busy, you know, when they do come to Chicago.

SKYE SWANN: Wait, they’re in Chicago?

LAWRENCE PRICE: But what do you think about this game, Skye? What are your general thoughts, would you say?

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, definitely a little concern, like you mentioned for Northwestern about the weather just because Minnesota is used to playing in this environment.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Coach Jim O’Neill’s defense looks really good against Ohio State. But when you’re going up against another top rushing offense, because even in the game — we didn’t know this — but TreVeyon Henderson for Ohio State, their leading tailback, was out. So they went to Marvin or maybe Williams, who was the backup, and he had a pretty solid day, but it took him time to warm up everything like that. But, you know, Minnesota is very much an established program when it comes to the run game being known for that. So Northwestern is definitely going to have to, you know, play their tails off on defense, but also get the offense going. I mean, we can talk about the offense as well. We haven’t seen the offense kind of come into their own yet this season. Yeah, would you say?

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, I definitely would agree, we’re still waiting to see the offense kind of just kickstart into that gear and get going. We’ve seen glimpses, like you mentioned, some key passes against Maryland, Wisconsin — even in Ohio State — but it’s just like, we’re still waiting for that next level spark to ignite it. So, hopefully, maybe if they, you know, have this off this week to practice and get going, and it might just be a battle of the offenses, to be honest, because like you said, Minnesota’s defense is pretty middle of the pack. And, they let in points, so I think if we hold our own defensive ground, it would just be a battle of the offenses of who can get more and who can kind of just hold the ball and possession until the game clock expires.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Yeah, I definitely agree, Skye. I think it will be the battle of the offenses — especially since, I mean, like I said before, Minnesota is kind of in the middle of the pack when it comes to, you know, defense-wise, but you know, their offense sacks against or how many sacks they given up, they’re like, they’re top two in the Big Ten. That shows you how good their offensive line is. So it’s really going to be about the trench game between Northwestern’s defensive line versus offensive line. Of course, Northwestern’s defensive line and defense looked really good against Ohio State. But Minnesota is going to be a little bit more different, especially when the weather is not really going to be such a huge factor — it was against Ohio State. I mean, we can pretty much wrap things up. I think it’s going to be a closer game than last week. I don’t know if you thought about the scores yet this week, but I think it is going to be a little bit a more closer game. But I think it’s really going to be on the offense, Northwestern’s offense, to get things going because we haven’t seen them to their best ability I would say since Nebraska where, you know, Ryan Hilinski looked really good.

SKYE SWANN: Yeah, I haven’t even seen this team, I would say domestically, get into gear. So I don’t know if it was something in the water in Dublin and something over there that just ignited them. But hopefully, you know, another game, another reset, another refocus, but they could potentially come together and just get that offense going and hold strong like they did this weekend this past week against Ohio State and stay strong defensively and just make sure to block the running game and, yeah, go from there.

LAWRENCE PRICE: I’m not sure exactly what the spread is for the game just yet, but I’m gonna stick to my word and go Northwestern is gonna go one and 11 on the season. I think Minnesota’s just, the run game is gonna be really good. But if they can stop the run game, who knows? You know, it can be a whole different ball game if Northwestern can slow down Mohamed Ibrahim. Baltimore legend, I’ll say that, even though he’s not as big of a legend as Lamar Jackson in my eyes, in my eyes, but —

SKYE SWANN: I mean, what can you say Maryland is just a great state.

LAWRENCE PRICE: Skye’s not from Baltimore, just so you all know. She’s about what … you’re about, what, two hours away?

SKYE SWANN: 20 minutes

LAWRENCE PRICE: 20 minutes away from Baltimore?

SKYE SWANN: Yes, I’m in the next county over.

LAWRENCE PRICE: So like where’s your accent?

SKYE SWANN: I’m not from the city. Baltimore County and Baltimore City is a difference —

LAWRENCE PRICE: I mean, you know, I actually watch a podcast —

SKYE SWANN: Where’s your Detroit accent?

LAWRENCE PRICE: There’s not really a Detroit accent. I use Detroit slang, but there’s not a Detroit accent. Midwesterners don’t have accents — or at least Michiganders don’t have an accent. I was at my internship —

SKYE SWANN: That is so false —

LAWRENCE PRICE: I was at my internship and the guy was like, “Oh, where are you from?” And I was like Michigan, he was like, “Oh, okay. I could tell because you don’t have an accent” — boom.

I think we should just end. I mean, any further thoughts —

SKYE SWANN: Minnesota has an accent —

LAWRENCE PRICE: Before we wrap it up — Minnesota has an accent?


LAWRENCE PRICE: Have you been to Minnesota before?


LAWRENCE PRICE: Okay. So actually, how would you know? Do you know people from Minnesota?

SKYE SWANN: Correct, I do.

LAWRENCE PRICE: A lot of people?

SKYE SWANN: I know a good few, a good amount.

LAWRENCE PRICE: That’s what they all say. But any other thoughts, would you say, before we wrap things up on the pod, Skye? You gotta give something like John does, you know? Like, John, if you’re watching this, it’s like you for sure think about what you’re gonna say before the end — clearly Skye did not do that this time around, but if Skye doesn’t have anything else to say —

SKYE SWANN: Skye’s the limit. Inhale Skye, exhale dreams.

LAWRENCE PRICE: I just want to say shout out to Drake and 21’s album — great album, I thought, being a big Drake fan. I’m really excited to see them on tour because I will be there, but I think that’s really gonna wrap it up for us on this pod.

We’re going to be back next week. You already know the deal. I’m Lawrence Price alongside Skye Swann and Alex — if he was here — I would say him as well. But hope you have a great rest of your night. So long. See you next time.

SKYE SWANN: Stay warm!



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