Northwestern University Dance Marathon names Little Heroes League as 2023 primary beneficiary


Daily file photo by Joanne Haner

Students dance during the eighth block of Northwestern University Dance Marathon 2022. The group will fundraise for Little Heroes League in 2023.

Isabel Funk, Summer Editor

Northwestern University Dance Marathon named Little Heroes League as its primary beneficiary for 2023. 

Little Heroes League, a nonprofit organization that helps coordinate care for babies with multiple health challenges, supports families in the Chicago area. NUDM’s funds will go toward expanding the organization’s services within and beyond the area, providing services for up to 30 additional babies each year.

“Given the current healthcare system, it is very difficult for families to be able to afford quality care, even for those who do have health insurance,” NUDM 2023 Executive co-Chair and Weinberg junior Amy Fan said in a University news release. “Little Heroes League ensures that these families are supported in having care coordination services, which is why NUDM is so proud to partner with them.” 

Little Heroes League’s care coordinators work with families to manage medical and social services, acting as a single point of contact between families and hospital care providers. About 90% of the families Little Heroes League serves are on Medicaid.

While Executive Director Brenden Etue said in the release that the organization’s goal is to “get all medically complex kids home,” the organization continues to provide outpatient services once children are discharged from treatment.

“We’re always looking for ways to expose this gap in care coordination services to more people, so that they understand why the service is needed and why our philanthropy makes sure that these kids and their families achieve their best lives,” Etue said.

The Evanston Community Foundation, which funds local grants, will be NUDM’s secondary beneficiary for the 26th consecutive year.

The 49th NUDM will be held March 3-5, 2023.


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