Hot from the Oven: A multimedia series on Evanston eateries

Angeli Mittal and William Clark

Welcome to Hot from the Oven, a series profiling local Evanston eateries to get a glimpse behind-the-scenes of their staff, clientele and history.

Behind every storefront is a story. Some may claim that sauce is the key to their success while others rely on sugar and syrup. From tales about Frida Kahlo to those of the Midwest, they all have their own origin stories but strive towards a common purpose: to serve the Evanston community. The Daily’s photo-audio series explores the unique tastes and flares to each of these businesses.

— Bennison’s Bakery: Paczkis, pastries and historic pride at Bennison’s Bakery

— Blind Faith Cafe: Putting Blind Faith into plant-based food

— Farmhouse: From farm to tavern, locally-sourced Farmhouse creates Midwestern feel

— Frida’s Breakfast & Lunch: Frida’s Mexican-American fusion for brunch

— Hecky’s BBQ: At Hecky’s BBQ, the secret is the sauce

— Patisserie Coralie: Croissants, COVID-19 and community at Patisserie Coralie

— Peppercorns Kitchen: Peppercorns Kitchen mixes traditional with contemporary

— Table to Stix Ramen: Comfort in a bowl of ramen


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