Evanston launches program for shared access of Greenleaf Street


Daily file photo by Allie Goulding

On Thursday, the city announced a new program for shared access of Greenleaf Street.

Rebecca Aizin, Summer Managing Editor

Evanston will launch a program for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to share the entirety of Greenleaf Street starting July 19, the city announced in a Thursday news release. 

The program will last until Aug. 16. Major intersections will now have “local access only” signs, while minor intersections will have “slow down, share the road” signs. Once the project concludes, signs will be removed and vehicular traffic will have full use of the road again. 

The project, monitored by the city’s Transportation & Mobility Division and Capital Planning & Engineering Bureau, hopes to decrease cut-thru traffic on Greenleaf in an attempt to allow for easier walking, biking and driving to and from areas in Evanston. 

Emergency vehicles, delivery vehicles and commercial trucks will still be able to access the street. At the project’s end, the city will evaluate motorist, bicycle and pedestrian operations and safety. 

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