Northwestern Medicine study finds new gene linked to lung cancer

Hayley Glatter, Managing Editor

Northwestern Medicine scientists have identified a new gene correlated with lung cancer tumor formation and metastasis.

In a study published Nov. 3 in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, scientists show that the suppression of Myo9b, the protein encoded by the gene Myosin 9b, could help patients suffering from metastatic lung cancer.

Approximately 90 percent of the lung cancer tissue samples in the study contained Myo9b, and samples with more of the protein indicated shorter patient survival. This finding lead researchers to identify the targeting of the Myo9b protein as a potential treatment for lung cancer spread and tumor formation.

“Our study provides new insights into the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying lung cancer invasion and metastasis, a critical process that often leads to fatal consequence,” principal investigator Dr. Jane Wu said in a news release. “Our data also provide a solid foundation for developing new diagnostic and therapeutic tools for lung cancer.”

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