Blotter: Feb. 13

Ciara McCarthy, City Editor

Evanston man arrested in connection with stalking woman

Police arrested Robert Drymalski on Monday in connection with stalking an Evanston woman.

The woman filed a complaint with police regarding Drymalski, claiming that he followed her at least 13 times between October and December 2013, Evanston Police Cmdr. Jay Parrott said. Until recently, Drymalski and the 24-year-old lived in the same apartment building in the 800 block of Hinman Avenue, Parrott said. He was arrested at his home on Dec. 12 and charged with disorderly conduct, false impersonation of a federal officer and giving false identifying information to police, Parrott said. Following Drymalski’s charges in December, a detective investigated the woman’s complaint, which says that Drymalski, 45, repeatedly followed her and made nonconsensual contact with her, Parrott said.

Police arrested Drymalski in the 5600 block of Old Orchard Road on Monday. He was charged with stalking, which is a felony, Parrott said. He is scheduled to appear in court March 7.

More than $500 in tools taken from garage in west Evanston

A burglar took tools worth more than $500 from an Evanston garage.

The burglary occurred some time between Monday evening and Tuesday morning in the 1700 block of Grey Avenue. The burglar took a sander, a chop saw and other tools, which totaled in value to about $520, Parrott said.

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