Letter to the Editor: Reflecting on 2 years of the 10K Initiative

As we near the end of the year, it’s only natural to look back and reflect over the past few months.  With the deadline for the ASG 10K Initiative approaching (Dec. 14 — get your submissions in!), we, as the 10K Initiative Committee, feel obligated to look back over the past two years of the initiative’s existence. Of course, the two most visible ideas are the past two winners: WiFi on the Lakefill and outdoor benches and picnic tables.

However, some ideas didn’t quite make it.

For example, there was “The Batman Initiative,” an idea that captured our imaginations: “The recent slew of attempted robberies has shocked the Northwestern community. People are living in fear, while criminals are making off like kings. Things were not always this way, in fact, these roles were reversed just a few years ago. What changed in our community? What shift in our society has brought upon such brazen delinquency?”  The idea then went on to suggest that ASG pay for him to fly to China to learn at the Shaolin Epo Wushu College.

Another favorite involved building a zip-line from the roof of Swift Hall into the Lakefill. While the idea was scrapped due to risk management issues, it allowed us to dream; to think differently, much like the suggestion that we build a life-sized statue of Abraham Lincoln wielding a battle axe in front of the library. “It would really motivate me to go to the library more often,” said Tim, “and that’s what I need to start doing this quarter. I’ve been slacking lately.”

While these ideas eventually didn’t make the cut, they highlight one of the core beliefs of the 10K Initiative: no idea is too big (as long as it’s under $10,000). The goal here is to come up with ideas to improve Northwestern. Whether it’s through expanding our sustainability efforts, community programming, building a statue, or some idea that we can’t even imagine, we’re sure that there’s something in the back of your mind that you’ve always wanted to change about Northwestern.

Go ahead, take three minutes out of your reading week to go to asg.northwestern.edu/10k to tell us about your idea!

And as always, good luck on your finals!

— Julia Coppelman, Evan Frohman, Frances Fu, Maddy Low, Anna Radoff, and Alex Van Atta
ASG 10K Initiative Committee