Associated Student Government online guide services delayed

Jeanne Kuang, Assistant Campus Editor

Associated Student Government will delay the release of “unofficial” online guides for Northwestern students and for study abroad.

The two services were slated to launch at the end of this quarter. The student guide links users to underutilized services and provides little-known NU tips based on interviews with students and campus leaders, while the study abroad guide is a compilation of write-ups and quotes about students’ experiences abroad.

Weinberg sophomore Noah Kane said a shortage in services committee members caused the delay after he was confirmed May 8 as ASG services vice president.

“That ended up really setting back the timeline for this project,” Kane said, adding that the services committee has nevertheless made “significant progress” on the guides. He said the unofficial student guide has already been written and designed.

“The progress that we still have to make is mostly technical stuff,” he said.

ASG hopes to launch the student guide and study abroad guide by Fall Quarter, in time for new students to access them. Kane said he believes no matter when the projects are launched, there will always be students looking for advice.

Incoming freshman Bethany Ao said she would be interested in using the online student guide.

“It’s always more helpful to read stuff that’s written by other students because that gives more of an honest mindset,” she said.

Kane said he has recently recruited committee members back to the original number and looked for students with computer science experience to “reshape” the group in a more technology-based direction.

Earlier this year, ASG launched CabCorner, a cab-sharing service, and BookSwap, a book-selling service. Kane said he hopes to promote these sites more to gain users.

“There’s sort of a chicken-and-egg dilemma,” he said. “Book buyers want book sellers, book sellers want book buyers. You need to build a user base.”