Evanston businesses prepare for Dillo Day rush


Amanda Gilbert/The Daily Northwestern

Andy’s Frozen Custard is one of the Evanston restaurants using new menu items to help advertise Dillo Day. Their Dillo custard includes mint and Oreo toppings.

Amanda Gilbert, Reporter

Dillo Day is fast approaching, but many Evanston businesses have been working with Mayfest throughout the quarter to prepare for the potential economic boost.

Louise Hunter, Mayfest promotions co-director, said the organization worked closely with local stores to increase off-campus community interest in Dillo Day.

“Businesses are able to use the opportunity to engage with Northwestern students over an event that the whole school gets excited about,” said Hunter, a Communication senior.

This year, Mayfest collaborated with popular student restaurants to offer Dillo Day-themed menu items. For instance, Cheesie’s Pub & Grub, 622 Davis St., recently announced a sandwich of the month dedicated to Saturday’s music festival.

Edzo’s Burger Shop, 1571 Sherman Ave., created the Dillo Day pizza burger, which includes a beef patty, a toasted garlic bun, marinara sauce, pepperoni and cheese. Near North Campus, sandwich shop Rollin’ to Go, 910 Noyes St., has a special with provolone, cheddar, ham, bacon, tomatoes and dijon mustard.

For dessert, Andy’s Frozen Custard, 719 Church St., offers a Dillo Day concrete, a frozen vanilla custard blended with crushed Oreo and mint toppings.

“The festival is going to bring more people to the area and give businesses a little more of a boost,” Andy’s manager Chris Cornish said.

Hunter said the committee wanted to let Evanston businesses decide most of the ingredients for their Dillo Day specials. However, Mayfest requested any Dillo Day-related menu item to incorporate at least one green ingredient as the organization uses the color to symbolize spring.

“This explains why they decided on the Andy’s custard to be mint in the past,” Hunter said. “It’s also why the Rollin’ To Go sandwich has pesto and the Cheesie’s (sandwich) has veggies.”

Jesus Roman, Mayfest’s director of university relations, said the organization is also trying to improve food truck promotions. Although the food trucks will be in the same location as last year, there will be some new sponsors and items at the event.

“Coca Cola might be coming,” said Roman, a Weinberg senior. “There’s going to be a great variety of food. It’s going to be good.”