Best Bite for Your Buck: Chipotle

Amy Whyte, Reporter

711 Church St., 847-425-3959,

If you want a meal that satisfies your stomach and your bank account, Chipotle is the place to go. With customizable burritos that can be filled with your choice of 18 ingredients, even the pickiest of eaters are sure to leave with full bellies. And with a standard burrito priced at less than $7, their wallets are sure to stay nice and full, too. In fact, every item on Chipotle’s menu, which includes healthier options such as salads and sans-tortilla burrito bowls, is priced at less than $11 — and it’s only that expensive when you order a double serving of meat. With fast food that’s as delicious as it is cheap, customers are guaranteed to get their dollar’s worth without actually spending very many dollars. — Amy Whyte