Wear this, not that

Sydney Zink, Columnist

Among the most classic ways to write about fashion is the “this, not that” comparison of the best of the moment against the worst of the lot. As The Current draws toward its close for the quarter, and as I continue to advise you on matters of fashion after having done so for several weeks now, I figure an ideal way to truly introduce you to my style perspective would be my own preference-oriented “wear this, not that” list. Whereas my columns are generally about menswear, the following list addresses both men’s and women’s fashion.

1. A rave … or ‘Harlem Shake’ gathering

Brightly patterned athletic shorts NOT neon leggings

The latter trend went out at the same time as pre-ripped leggings that looked as if the neighbor’s Rottweiler had gotten to them. Though, really, both those trends belong to the dogs — good riddance!

2. A Winter Quarter party

Flat-heeled slouch boots NOT patent heels

Good luck falling for your beau-to-be when you’re too busy falling over slick ice patches. But if you seriously insist on wearing heels…

3. High heels or bust

Straps NOT height

When you are selecting heels to wear in the winter or to wear long distances (such as to attend a party across campus), prioritize straps and fastenings over the height of the heel. Heels with straps across the ankle can look super cute with a pair of tights without you having to worry about your shoe slipping off as you try to make your long, cold walk to the venue. Also, with such straps keeping your shoe on more securely, you have more control over where and how you’re stepping and therefore better ability to control your navigation around ice or puddles. Should you choose to sacrifice security for stilettos, know the height of your heels may become the height of your problems.

4. Men’s sweaters

Argyle NOT stripes

Guys, avoid the Charlie Brown caution-tape look. Argyle is subtly chic, not a signal for “nerd,” nor is it reserved for socks and professor-wear.

5. Mid-winter class comfort

Knit leggings NOT sweatpants

One popular look I see on women around campus is sweatpants tucked into Uggs, and no description could ever sound more like middle school unless Crocs were involved. To stay both comfortable and warm on your way to class, ladies, opt for knit leggings, not sweats; they are just as warm and add interesting texture to an outfit.

6. Sunglasses

Aviators NOT wayfarers

I’m not sure we’ll ever need sunglasses around here judging by the current dismal conditions, but in a battle of the classics between sunglasses styles, aviators tend to widely suit many more faces than wayfarers do.

7. Collared shirts

For men: Plaid button-downs NOT polos

Plaid shirts are almost universally attractive on men. Seriously.

For women: The reverse

A slim-fit polo with jean shorts is pretty much the comfiest, easiest and one of the cutest of basic outfits.