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Winter fashion guide: How to stay ahead of the season’s trends

Mustafa Alimumal, Reporter

December 1, 2015

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Holiday Guide With the holidays fast approaching, we find ourselves caught up in the gift-giving frenzy once more. We often forget that giving to ourselves is a legitimate way to celebrate a year of hard work (read: procrast...

Chase: The overlooked reality of cultural appropriation

Arielle Chase, Columnist

January 5, 2015

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Understanding the difference between appreciating someone’s culture and appropriating it can be difficult. Cultural appropriation is when you essentially steal parts of another person’s culture for your own entertainment...

How to pull off the Dillo bro tank

Elizabeth Santoro, Fashion Columnist

May 28, 2014

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When it comes to picking your outfit for Dillo Day, it couldn’t get easier because it's likely you ordered a Dillo tank. Add some shorts and knock-around shoes (plus a comfortable sports bra), and you’re good to go. However,...

Celebrity Chic: Which celebs will be best dressed in 2014?

Kendall Siewert, Fashion Blogger

January 13, 2014

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A new year means new resolutions. We’re going to go to SPAC every day, study for finals in advance and limit our Cheesie’s intake to once a week. Some celebs have made style resolutions this year, even if they may not know...

Kick ass in combat boots

Alix Kramer, Columnist

November 4, 2013

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Without a doubt, the most important accessory for guys and girls is a great pair of shoes. In the fall and winter it is of the utmost importance to have a good pair of sturdy shoes for everyday wear. The perfect pick? Combat boots. I...