Signing Day 2013: Brett Walsh

NU Sports/Northwestern Football

John Paschall, Reporter

Brett Walsh (6-1, 195) OLB

There are a few things that stand out to me with Walsh: Speed, power, and production. First let’s start with speed. After watching his junior year footage, there’s no question this kid can fly all over the field. He recognizes plays well and his speed allows him to blow up plays quickly. He had no problem running down speedy running backs. When I say power about Walsh, I’m talking about his ability to drive offensive players into the ground. If he’s got a running start on a player, watch out. He was also extremely productive in his junior year, totaling an absurd 192 tackles in 14 games and followed up in his senior year with 169 tackles in the same number of games. The one potential concern with Walsh is his size. He’s been listed anywhere between six feet and six feet-two inches and around 200 pounds. He might need to bulk up a little bit in order to handle the size of the Big Ten lineman. Speed can help him evade lineman sometimes but he might have a hard time shedding blocks.