The Rundown

Allison Lasher

This week it was time to say goodbye to the ladies that made us want to laugh, cry and, ultimately, call child services, the original cast of “Teen Mom.” America met Maci, Amber, Farrah and Catelynn in 2009 and after the upcoming fourth season, the only look into their lives will be stories sold to magazines and twitpics. The franchise will continue with “Teen Mom 2” and introduce “Teen Mom 3”,but the original four are leaving behind big strollers to fill.

Lindsay Lohan confirmed that she will appear on this season of “Glee.” Following her appearance on “Saturday Night Live,” the actress will continue with her TV comeback as a guest judge when the New Directions compete at Nationals. And no, she’s not playing a coked-out Cheerio, she’s playing herself. Wait…

“The Hunger Games” was spring break’s version of One Book, One Northwestern considering every student on campus returned with nothing but Katniss on the brain. While I pulled a Miley and never got the memo, Hollywood was abuzz with rave reviews for Jennifer Lawrence and the rest of the cast. However, some criticized the starlet’s larger physique as an unrealistic depiction of the malnourished character. While movies often don’t live up to the books, you’d think the starving, desperate lead of “The Hunger Games” would at least look, well… hungry.

Kim Kardashian, while at the launch of her new perfume, True Reflection, got “flour bombed.” And yes, that is exactly what it sounds like. A woman hurled a bag of the white ingredient directly at the socialite, coating her. I think that’s a true reflection of what America thinks of her right now. Am I right?

Celebrities such as Spike Lee, Bill Maher and LeBron James, just to name a few, took to Twitter to show their support for Trayvon Martin and promote the petition to arrest his alleged killer. The resulting spike in signatures served as a reminder that social media can be used for social movements and not just 140-character word vomit (don’t worry, Paris Hilton, you’ll always have a place in my feed).

The latest in “Real Housewives” gossip: Ramona Singer hit campus. While some may wish that meant somewhere far away from Evanston, no amount of wishing can keep Singer and her eyes of doom away. The Bravo star toured campus with her husband and daughter, tweeting to students and alumni during her visit. Her taste in Pinot Grigio might not be that selective, but I can’t knock her taste in schools.

Allison Lasher