Larson: Finding a fix for Florida amid outcry

Peter Larson

Something is rotten in the state of Florida. Again. And as the country gears up for another season of violent legal entanglements in the Sunshine State, I’m thankful this year’s site, Sanford, should be a breeze to pronounce for even the most phonetically challenged telepromptees. Kissimmee, now noted as home to both Mickey Mouse and Casey Anthony, went through a real butchering last summer when all the networks sent crews to cover the trial.

Trayvon Martin’s death brought national attention back to the swamps of central Florida, the same ones I was reared in. “The Case Against Casey” grabbed a sensationalist spotlight last year, and Floridians didn’t really understand why. It had been a staple package of local affiliates for years.

So when my home hit the front page again, my first reaction was, “Why always Florida?” We never did get an explanation for the national newsworthiness of Casey, but this story carries weight. There’s an immediate issue: Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, which facilitated George Zimmerman’s self-defense claim. Certainly we need to talk about the influence of prejudice in the justice system