Blotter 11/22: Political science department receives suspicious package

Kris Anne Bonifacio

A Northwestern staff member called police after receiving a suspicious package Thursday, police said.

The staff member noticed that a package delivered to the political science department at Scott Hall, 601 University Place, around 2:56 p.m. Thursday was making a rattling noise, University Police Deputy Chief Dan McAleer said.

Police took the yellow manila envelope, which was delivered through the U.S. Postal Service, to 2020 Ridge Ave. where it was x-rayed. The x-ray indicated that the package did not contain any hazardous materials, so officers proceeded to open the envelope.

The envelope contained students’ transcripts, with a red ribbon tied around them. The ribbon was affixed with a red wax seal stamp that was damaged during shipping, and the broken wax stamp caused the rattling noise, McAleer said.

Police told the staff member about their discovery and returned the envelope to her.