The Weekly Memo

Alexandra Finkel

A few months after I arrived at Northwestern, I saw an ad in The Daily and was compelled to trek down to Wrigleyville one Sunday afternoon to answer it. My target: Goose Island Brewery, which was inundated with hundreds of reality hopefuls like myself. And so the audition process for the Real World began.

Before I had even finished the application (with its 50-odd questions), I was sent to a table with a casting agent and a bunch of 20-somethings. First question: What was your most embarrassing moment? I could have said anything. But I panicked and came up with a story of how I tripped at my high school graduation. Except that was a lie. I didn’t get called back.

Point is: we’ve got all you need to know about John Park’s trip to Hollywood (he shares his diary with us) and the inside scoop on Real Housewife of NYC (and NU alumna) Alex McCord. Be sure to check out Carlton Barzon’s profile on NU band ‘The Earth is a Man’ and our graphic on why you should probably care about the new health care bill. And finally, take a look at our newest section, flash fiction (send yours in).