The Weekly Memo

Jeremy Gordon

Remember when swine flu was all the rage and kids just couldn’t get enough? Even though it doesn’t capture the headlines, it’s still an issue: only recently did WHO declare the pandemic to not be a risk any more, leaving us free to take off our face masks and fully coordinate our outfits for all those Greek formals we’re going to. But you can still get sick and find yourself totally sidelined for the rest of the quarter, which is why Megan Crepeau gives us the low down about swine flu at Northwestern, dorm quarantine and all. You’ll be able to share your drink with a clear conscience after all, and don’t fear, “I’ve got the swine” is still a totally appropriate excuse to give when someone is trying to make out with you.Samantha Leal talks to Tim Kasher of Cursive, who’s in town this weekend with Alkaline Trio in a throwback to our high school years, assistant editor Margaret Rhodes writes up the best regional delicacies for our Culinary Breakdown and Era Dykhne explores the lives of Muslim students at NU. Meanwhile an interview with comedian Tom Green will be up on our Web site tomorrow, courtesy of Sarah Spielberger. Join our Facebook fan page! We finally have as many fans as there are Pokémon (in the original game, at least). There’s only one more issue after this so we are trying to give you all of our love before the bitter end. Until next time, true believers.