Officials heighten Tech security after sexual assault incident

Grace Johnson

Northwestern officials said they will implement extra security measures around the Technological Institute after a man sexually assaulted an NU student there Monday evening.

“Today, the University is reviewing security procedures in Tech as far as when the doors are locked and when lights are on in hallways,” said University Spokesman Al Cubbage.

University police, facilities maintenance and McCormick officials are working together to review it.”

The victim was on the second floor of Tech, 2145 Sheridan Rd., at 9 p.m. Monday when a man approached her and started to talk to her, according to an alert on the NU Web site.

She later described him as a clean-shaven, approximately 5’8″, 25-year-old black man with shoulder-length hair braids and wearing a large white T-shirt, police said. When the student walked away, the man grabbed her arm and then started to touch her below the waist.

The student began to scream and the man fled the scene, according to the report.

The incident was reported to University Police, who searched Tech and the surrounding area after the incident but did not find the suspect.

“We are investigating the incident,” University Police Deputy Police Chief Daniel McAleer said.

In the meantime, despite already having extra officers patrolling the campus and surrounding area, police will take new measures to ensure safety, McAleer said.

“We plan to have an increased presence around Tech and in the Tech building,” he said. “You will see an increase around that area.”

A breaking news alert was posted on the University Web site around midnight, while e-mail alerts were sent out shortly after, Cubbage said.

In response to complaints that e-mail alerts weren’t received until after 4 a.m., Cubbage said it takes time for e-mails to be sent to the student body.