Social Diary: A McCormick Sophomore

28 tuesday

Class. Weekly in-class three-hour exam. Office Hours, then Gateway Science Workshop. Finished my take-home midterm by 10 p.m. Went home to find some people playing pong. Got a little tipsy, smoked a bit. Went to the library at midnight to wish a friend a happy 21rst bday right on the dot – ended up chugging 40s in the bathroom. Some more light raging, then bed.

29 wednesday

Class all day. Practice. More class. Snuck out of my 6-9 class early to head back to my house for the Britney pregame. The Hummer limo came right on time, fully stocked with unlimited mixers and plastic champagne flutes. A case of Andre, too many shots, numerous bowls and the night went on and on.

30 thursday

Worst hangover ever. No class on Thursdays, thankfully. Office hours, library, then practice. Take Back the Night BBQ. Watched the Bulls game – smoked and started pregaming. Went to a friend’s 22nd birthday party. Stuffed my face with peppermint-schnapps-Oreo pudding. Chugged way too much beer playing competitive drinking games.

01 friday

Class presentation at 10 a.m., had extreme dry mouth. Smoked after class, then ate Chiptole. Left for Mifflin. Stopped at sketchy liquor store in Wisconsin, then pregamed. Smoked, went to an ’80s-themed party. We were the only ones dressed up. Hit the bars instead. Got invited to two guys’ apartments, and even for a swim in the lake – didn’t do any of the above.

02 saturday

Rise and rage. Up by 7:47, plugged the meter, smoked, passed out until 9:49. Smoked and drank. On to Mifflin Street. Shotgunned a beer. Chugged Andre. Peed in one alley, smoked in another. Pulled Franzia. Later, passed out in a guy’s bed. He tried to hook up with me; I woke up six hours later. Drank, smoked and raged some more.

03 sunday

Rise and rage. Up by 10 a.m. – this time, I really had the worst hangover ever. Smoked. Found Qdoba, though I wanted pizza. Drove back to NU. Two meetings then the library. Ended the night with a Sunday Funday smoke session on my friend’s Astro Turf. Barely made it back to my bed; I was so exhausted from the events of the weekend.

04 monday

Class all morning, then cleaned my house, practice, dinner and chapter. Smoked, had a meeting, then library for the night. At least one day has to be a work day. Besides, I need to save up for tomorrow night. Cinco de Mayo is always epic. I’m thinking margaritas, pong and hookah on my porch. Too bad I have problem sets, an assessment, a lab and a group project first.