Newly elected ASG officers sworn in

Nathalie Tadena

The Associated Student Government swore in all four of its newly elected officers during Wednesday’s Senate session, despite controversy regarding a possible impeachment trial against Academic Director Muhammad Safdari.

Articles of impeachment were filed against Safdari for an e-mail he sent the day before Friday’s presidential run-off election accusing candidate Bill Pulte’s campaign of violations.

“I can’t imagine taking office under worse circumstances that are my fault,” Safdari said after being sworn in. “I know I can’t make up for what happened, but I’m doing the best I can.”

ASG’s Rules Committee was expected to reach a decision on Safdari’s charges during a meeting Tuesday but postponed the decision, said Parliamentarian Grace Adamson.

“We decided that instead of trying to rush a decision in 12 hours after a really crazy week, we should take some time to look at the consequences,” Adamson said during Senate.

The committee plans to make a decision by Wednesday.

Student Life Director Matt Bellassai made a motion to defer his swearing-in another week in an effort to retain his seat on the rules committee; the motion was not passed by the Senate, and Bellassai was sworn in with the other officers. Bellassai vacated his place on the committee, but no appointment will be made to fill Bellassai’s seat on the committee, Adamson said. If three of the remaining five members of the committee accept the impeachment charges, a trial will be held in a closed session of Senate next week.

“I’m ecstatic about being sworn in, I obviously didn’t expect the given circumstances,” Bellassai said. “Although it’s unfortunate I won’t be able to help make the decision, I was glad Senate got to make a decision (about my position).”

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