Sox-35th should be your stop

Brian Regan

Easter at U.S. Cellular Field was not my first plan. Sure, the Easter Bunny was there and the south-facing seats offered a better chance to bronze than the ivy-strewn trash heap on the North Side – though Mr. Christ did see his shadow when he emerged, dooming Chicago to six more weeks of winter.

My family abandoning me and a chance to see my hometown club battle the pesky South Siders with some friends sweetened the deal.

Unlike at Wrigley, people seem to watch the game. And the seats just above the White Sox dugout provided a great view of the game without smelling skunked beer and crawling over passed out fans. Things were looking good. My Twins smashed a ball over the left field fence.

But after my boy Cuddy helped the Twins make two errors on the same play, giving the Sox the lead for good, my mind began to wander from the action on the field.

That is, until I saw a purple “N” with a wildcat roaring next to a gold “ND” on the JumboTron in left field. It even advertised on the annoying scroll that shows Sox players’ signatures while they bat.

Northwestern. Notre Dame. At the Cell!?! I thought it was about time a semi-neutral game, such as the Red River Rivalry or the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, came to the Midwest. Fitz and Jabba the Hutt on opposite sidelines. I thought it was weird to be playing in a baseball stadium, but then I actually focused on the sign – it was a baseball game between the teams.

My heart dropped. There had been rumors about NU football wanting to play at Wrigley, but we all know the coach is a Sox fan and would rather go 10 miles south.

Instead, a so-so NU team will face-off against a pretty good Notre Dame squad at a venue that probably favors the Domers, due to the number of Sox fans from northwest Indiana. The game will probably be a blowout. But really, who cares?

As much as I hate to say it, until the option of playing at Target Field comes for the Wildcats next year when they travel to face Minnesota, the Cell is one of the better parks in the major leagues, not to mention the best venue within five miles of Lake Michigan not named U.S. Steel Yard in Gary, Ind.

Plus, provided the game has all the perks of a Sox game, why wouldn’t you want to chow down on a polish and sip a Goose Island for a midweek game and watch the Chicago sunset and possibly even some baseball? Even better, the White Sox aren’t playing!

Most people at NU have never been to a baseball game at Rocky Miller Park due to its mysterious location and bush league atmosphere. But now there are no excuses. Don’t give up on a chance to see your classmates play under the lights at the Cell, especially when the CTA (quickly) goes there and allows for a night out on the way home.

So show up and cheer on the Cats and hear the clang of aluminum bats inside a major league stadium. Hopefully it won’t be the last time NU has this chance.

Assistant Sports Editor Brian Regan is a McCormick senior. He can be reached at [email protected]