NUCH1 to revamp broadcasts, advertise for student events

Alexandra Finkel

NU’s only student television station hopes to get the attention of students now relying on NU Link or other sources for updated information on events, speakers and performances.

Northwestern University’s Channel 1, which features student-produced programming throughout all hours of the day, was primarily organized by David Kim, Weinberg ’06, as a channel to encourage community building, said NUCH1 Staff Adviser Cate Whitcomb, assistant to the vice president for student affairs.

After the constitution was drafted in January 2004 and a grant was received from the Alumni Association for equipment a month later, NUCH1 began programming from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m for students in the fall.

But retaining viewers is a challenge the station has faced since its debut, said Josie Chai, the station’s co-general manager.

“One of our main goals for next year is to get in touch with as many student groups as possible and get as much material as we can so that it doesn’t have to be so repetitive,” the Communication sophomore said. “We are also looking to have more of a set schedule so people will specifically know when things are playing.”

Students can now tune into NUCH1 for student group performances, original television shows and Northwestern News Network’s nightly broadcast. In the past, the station has shown a student-produced late-night talk show, a cooking show and will soon debut “Seminar,” a sitcom created by Communication freshman Sam Johnson. The channel also plans on alternating the schedules of student group performances with student work and advertising, Chai said.

“We want the student groups to use the station as a means of advertising,” she said. “We want to do an hour every day where all the events for the week are up for students to see.”

Although she has only tuned into NUCH1 a few times, Music freshman Rachel Taylor said she has learned about new student groups through the channel.

“There are so many student groups on campus that I don’t know about, and sometimes flyering isn’t enough,” she said. “So seeing a show on NUCH1 is like a sneak peek in to what their about and what they’ve accomplished.”

One of the groups that Taylor is now familiar with due to NUCH1 is Boomshaka, NU’s drum, dance and rhythm ensemble.

“Before I saw Boomshaka on NUCH1, I didn’t know what they were about,” she said.

Former Studio 22 Co-chairman Alex Schwarm said he thought the proposed changes would not only benefit students, but the student groups as well.

“Right now showing our films on NUCH1 is more of a celebration than a marketing tool,” the Communication junior said. “If they start incorporating commercials that promote our events, then it would make it pretty worthwhile.”

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