Brown Baggin’

By Nina MandellPLAY Writer

Putting the name Elm Street Liquors in your Evites might spark suspicion that your latest hangout is just a sketchy liquor store, and with the signature drink of forties in paper bags, it might be hard to imagine that this Clark and Division watering hole is anything more

But take a trip to Elm Street on your way to Le Passage or Hunt Club like most 20-something patrons do, and you’ll realize that this is anything but a liquor store.

Come before midnight to avoid waiting in the line on the weekends, and you’ll walk into the one-room bar, with a club-dressed crowd smashed around the bar ordering the one must-order drink at Elm Street: forties.

If the brown paper bags for some reason aren’t your thing, try the so-called classier drinks like “Trust Fund,” “Alimony,” or “Little Blue Pill” that come at about $10 each. Don’t worry about the steep prices, just like some of the names you’ll only need one to get you through the night.

The decor in the hipster dive-bar is pretty bare, with four small flat screen TVs showing movies like Blow as the only decorations. Table seating is limited but with bottle service starting at $185 it might be worth it for a night to look at all the pretty people reliving their college frat party days.

Elm Street Liquors, 12 W. Elm Street, is open 8 p.m.- 2 a.m. Wednesday-Friday and until 3 a.m. on Saturday. It is located off the Clark and Division stop on the red line.