Ph switch puts a hitch in university directory searches

After Northwestern switched from Ph to a different system Monday, some vital information such as a student’s phone number is not showing up because some students have not updated their information, said Wendy Woodward, director of Technology Support.

NU made the switch from Ph to LDAP, or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. The new system enhances security and makes it easier for different systems in the university, such as CAESAR and the library, to share information.

Woodward said she has received several calls in the past week from various university departments and officials who were trying to contact students.

“(Certain) information isn’t available for people around the university,” she said.

To update information, Woodward said students should modify the information they want available to the public by going to the Web site, Students should then click on “Edit Your Directory Information.”

This allows students to update information, such as phone number, address and any online screennames.

Students also can update their information under the personal portfolio option of CAESAR, although Ph allows for more options.

Woodward said the gradual change from Ph to LDAP has been smooth, but there are a few challenges. Students not updating their information is one obstacle.

“If your directory isn’t up to date, we can’t reach you,” Woodward said.

Nancy Ho, a Weinberg senior, said she hasn’t updated her info because she was unaware of the changes.

“I haven’t heard anything about it,” she said.

–Sheila Burt