The cruelest month

Jim Martinho

I really didn’t think it was going to come this year. But afterabout six grueling months of winter, spring finally arrived lessthan a month behind schedule.

If you’re a sports fan, you gotta love April. Baseball seasonstarts up (This is the year, Sox! Get well soon, Nomahhhh!), theNBA and NHL playoffs get going, and there’s the greatest Springsports tradition of them all — the annual kickoff to anotherseason of Fearless Forecasters. What’s there for the forecasters tofear, anyways, you ask?

Read on, my young friends, read on.

Late April also means the NFL Draft — seven glorious rounds ofno-name college players and Mel Kiper, Jr.’s hair to satisfy ourpigskin cravings. We had our own draft of participants in ourannual Forecasters contest. Although scouts called him “freak” forhis prognosticating abilities, five rounds wasn’t long enough forJ-Dubs Eligon to be picked. Maybe he can sign on as a freeagent.

As the weather turns warmer, students can finally ditch theirNorth Face jackets and hooded sweatshirts for more revealingclothing. This is good news for Forecasters’ rookie Jerome C.Pandell. Nothing like seeing Jerome C.’s buxom figure bounce downSheridan Road (the middle initial is his cup size.) I could’vesworn I saw Glenn Kasses’ manzierre around here somewhere…

Spring Quarter also traditionally marks the changing of”regimes” here at the Daily. We tried to stave off new leaderElaine’s coup d’etat, but she huffed, and she puffed, and shepunched through the friggin’ window with her bare hand.

Spring Cleaning isn’t our favorite April pastime, but sometimesit just has to be done. Just hope you’re not the one stuckscrubbing 12 months’ worth of man-juice off David Sterrett’skeyboard.

If the elder stateswoman of our group, Andrea, can pass BasicPainting this quarter she’ll join thousands of college grads inanother spring tradition. Lets hope all those hours of watching VH1help her get a job. I hear they’re looking for an editorialassistant on “The Fabulous Life of Paris Hilton.”

There will be some lineup changes before NU hits the gridiron inthe fall, when all of you will have the chance to pit yourselvesagainst our roster of “experts.”

Autumn brings its own set of traditions, namely, getting drunkand watching NU lose at football. Always good times.