How about the time when …

Jeff Stone and Jeff Stone

One story had people stuffing quarters in one’s mouth while jumping on a trampoline. Another had someone talking to a raincoat and thinking it was a person.

What did they have in common? Booze.

The 18 people attending Tuesday night’s Nightcrawlers meeting in the Technological Institute were in a stiff competition — tell the funniest drunk story they had heard.

Unlike groups such as Students Against Drunk Driving, Nightcrawlers accepts students who consume alcohol, the group’s president said at the first meeting Tuesday.

The meeting took on a serious tone when leaders tried to prevent NU students from driving under the influence.

One of the biggest goals the organization has is to maintain a “cool” image among students while informing students of the dangers, said Allison Sands, the group’s president.

“I want the kids who are the biggest drinkers to tell their friends not to drive,” Sands said.

Sands started the club because she thinks SADD does not identify with students who drink.

“It made people in the club seem like the enemy to those who drink,” said Sands, a Weinberg junior. “It does not offer help for those who drink and drive or binge drink.

Nightcrawlers treasurer Carl Allen said he hopes the club will have some impact.

“There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t drink and drive, it’s ridiculous,” said Allen, a McCormick senior.