NCA, ASG prepare to host campus on Saturday for season’s first tailgate

Janette Neuwahl

Hoping to create a student tradition, Northwestern Class Alliance and Associated Student Government are gearing up for Saturday’s tailgate, the first of the year.

The pregame party will be held in outside Gate H at Ryan Field. The festivities will last for two hours prior to the 6 p.m. game against Ohio State University.

Unlike last year’s tailgates attempt, Saturday’s is open to students under 21.

Any NU student will be able to walk down Central Street and join the party, a move unprecedented for ASG tailgates. Because most students are under 21, ASG is channeling its efforts toward an event open to a broader group of people, said Joel Richlin, ASG’s campus public relations chairman.

“After last year’s lack of success we re-evaluated students’ needs,” said Brant Ullery, president of NCA. “Last year’s tailgates targeted a smaller, more specific audience so this year we’re trying to make it a more well-rounded experience.”

Any student who wants to attend Saturday’s tailgate will have access to a buffet line of free food. Entertainment acts will include deejays Nick Disabato and Thom Goerner, music from WNUR-FM (89.3) and a performance from the Lady Cats.

For those over 21, Anheuser-Busch is donating five different types of free beer, including imported and microbrewed labels. With a WildCARD, students of age can get three beers if they arrive within the first hour. After 5 p.m., students will be allowed only two beers.

Richlin, a Weinberg senior, said ASG’s aim not only is to provide an alternative to fraternity barbeques and house parties but to help foster relationships with groups such as NCA, which was founded in 2001.

“ASG is not about putting on events but about advocating changes for the student body,” he said. “The reason ASG is involved this year is because we have the administrative contacts (needed to put on a tailgate), so with NCA being a new organization we are working together.”

Richlin said he hopes NCA will completely take over the tailgates next year, since creating NU traditions is one of the group’s goals.

“This is an event where everyone can come together, and hopefully, if it goes well, it’ll be a precedent for the future,” said Rachel Lopez, ASG president.