Playboy pub

Janette Neuwahl

Bar-hopping could have a whole new meaning for Northwestern students, now that bunnies are involved. named Nevin’s Pub, 1450 Sherman Ave., “College Bar of the Month” for February.

“Throngs of sexy sorority girls from the nearby quad head down for cocktails after Monday night chapter,” the article reads, “but on any given night you might find Northwestern’s fashionably-clad theater majors, ultra-hip DJs from the campus radio station and Evanston townies all chilling over brews together.”

Some NU students beg to differ.

Weinberg senior Adam Ross said he would have expected a bar like the 1800 Club to be featured instead.

“It is surprising that Playboy chose Nevin’s,” Ross said. “I wouldn’t guess they would rank it as a college bar because it seems to cater to older groups.”

Nevin’s manager Jamie Fritz, 32, smiled when he read the article.

“(The patrons) are just students who make it a college bar for a couple of hours each night,” Fritz said. “It’s nice that we were written about because Playboy’s great. As cliche as it sounds, it’s known for its articles.”

Antonia Simigis, Medill ’99, who wrote the article, said she considered a number of bars she recalled from her time at NU. But when deadline came up, she said she chose Nevin’s due to its history.

“Bars like The Keg around the corner have a different feeling than Nevin’s,” Simigis said. “This place was a really traditional Irish bar with good booze and a good time.”