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Fine: How Russian literature helped me understand sexism in McCormick

Simona Fine, Op-Ed Contributor

January 7, 2020

I’ve never been directly confronted and told that I should not be studying engineering because of my gender. There was no big, dramatic incident of sexism that caused me to begin to feel unwelcome in science. However, any time...

Alfaro: Men, please stop and listen

Mariana Alfaro, Opinion Editor

October 22, 2017

Like many women, I heard about Harvey Weinstein and, though it hurt me, I was not surprised. I saw hundreds of #MeToo posts on social media and felt pain but, again, no surprise. I even thought of posting my own #MeToo story,...

Kaplan: The next generation of ‘nasty women’

Marisa Kaplan, Op-Ed Contributor

November 20, 2016

As Election Day, approached, there was not a doubt in my mind Clinton would become our first female president. My peers and I were confident that election day would be the day we broke the glass ceiling. However, the hopes of ...

The Spectrum: “The real lezpocalypse” — Why queer women need representation

Zoe Johnson, Guest Columnist

October 6, 2016

This essay is part of The Spectrum, a weekly forum in our Opinion section for marginalized voices to share their perspectives. To submit a piece for The Spectrum or discuss story ideas, please email In the movie “...