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Feinberg study compares vitamin E effect on lung function

Amulya Yalamanchili, Reporter

May 30, 2014

A new study from the Feinberg School of Medicine suggests that different forms of vitamin E found in common cooking oils affect lung function differently. The study found one form of vitamin E, alpha-tocopherol, may improve lung fun...

Women’s Swimming: Two relays behind them, Wildcats start individual events in Big Tens

Kendra Mayer, Reporter

February 19, 2014

Northwestern starts its individual events of the Big Ten Championships on Thursday having trooped through an intense dual meet season to reach this climax of NCAA swimming, which is hosted at Minneapolis from Feb. 19-22. The...

Updated: Friends call former Northwestern student Caleb Dayton ‘incredibly smart,’ admired

Patrick Svitek, City Editor

November 15, 2013

During her first week in the eighth grade, Hallie Lundell accidentally threw away her retainer with her food. Still new to the school, Lundell figured the pricey mouth gear was a lost cause. Then she met Caleb Dayton. ...