The Daily Northwestern

Firing Squad: Frostbite Shuttles give students the cold shoulder

Caryn Lenhoff, Forum Editor

January 31, 2013

Let’s be blunt: Evanston is cold. We Northwestern students all knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to attend college near the infamously frigid city of Chicago, but we might not have been aware just how...

Firing Squad: Let’s open our ballots to third parties

Tanner Maxwell, Design Editor

October 25, 2012

The 2012 election brings me my first opportunity to vote in a presidential election, but it seems my minority opinion will be unheard before I even get a chance to mark my ballot. Voting in my first election brings me great...

Firing Squad: Freaking out about ‘keep calm’

Nick Medline, Assistant Sports Editor

October 12, 2012

A bit of history: In case the Nazis successfully invaded Britain in World War II, the British government was set to distribute posters that read “Keep calm and carry on.” More: in the early 2000s, the poster surged in popularity....