Firing Squad: Freaking out about ‘keep calm’

Nick Medline, Assistant Sports Editor

A bit of history: In case the Nazis successfully invaded Britain in World War II, the British government was set to distribute posters that read “Keep calm and carry on.”

More: in the early 2000s, the poster surged in popularity. It filled 13-year-old softies’ bedrooms alongside James Dean quotations.

Then, in 2012, every organization at Northwestern adopted the slogan — to my extreme annoyance.

An example: “Keep Calm and Live In Bobb-McCulloch Hall.”

When my roommate and I discussed reasons why we wanted to live in Bobb, “keep calm” ranked next to “sense of community” and “because we couldn’t get into Willard” in terms of importance. If the shirt is sarcastic, then it’s bad sarcasm, to which I respond with a literal firing squad.

Another: “Keep Calm and Call NUIT.”

Because when my Internet drops out eight times in 25 minutes, I feel like dropping into the lotus position and drinking green tea.

(Aw, don’t get mad. Dear IT folks and area coordinators alike, we love you all. Especially Medill IT, which actually does kick ass. It’s a joke. You’re all perfect.)

“Keep Calm and Join AIESEC.”


The list goes on and gets worse.

I’d leave a closing pun but I go to Northwestern and probably have a midterm tomorrow.