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Letter From the Opinion Editor: A column’s role in an era of fake news

Jess Schwalb, Opinion Editor

February 19

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Whether in anger or in jest, a popular characterization of articles shared on Facebook these days is “Fake news!” To be sure, the past year seems to have featured a rise of fantastical news stories from less-than-reputable... Read more »

Northwestern submits amicus curiae brief condemning travel ban with other research universities

Matthew Choi, Campus Editor

February 13

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Northwestern, along with 16 other American universities, signed an amicus curiae brief filed Monday supporting a lawsuit filed by New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman against President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The ... Read more »

Trejos: For 2020 success, Democrats must peddle broader ideology

Jose Trejos, Op-Ed Contributor

February 12

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Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election seems to have galvanized the American left. Many observers saw the rise of politicians such as Trump as proof that the Democratic Party has lost touch with... Read more »