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Gov. Bruce Rauner expands child care eligibility amid budget negotiations

Julia Jacobs, City Editor

November 12, 2015

After making cuts to state-funded child care eligibility at the beginning of July, Gov. Bruce Rauner expanded the scope of the program Monday, allowing child care centers in Evanston to provide services to families they originally...

Evanston social services cope with Illinois budget stalemate

Julia Jacobs, City Editor

September 20, 2015

Illinois Budget Crisis After nearly three months without a state budget, the Illinois government is forecasting a growing pile of unpaid bills that will impact the ability of human services agencies to deliver care to v...

Childcare Network of Evanston to expand programs for impoverished families

Julia Jacobs, Summer Editor

July 25, 2015

The Childcare Network of Evanston plans to expand its program to help impoverished families care for their children after receiving millions of dollars in grant money in the past month. The local child care service agency will...

Low-income child care vulnerable after no new revenue used to fix 2015 state deficit

Kevin Mathew, Copy Chief

March 31, 2015

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a bill Thursday to fix the 2015 funding deficit, which had disproportionally hurt low-income child care centers. The new law allocates $293 million for early childhood education by taking funding from...