The Daily Northwestern

Where to meet off campus

Susan Du, City Editor

August 27, 2012

When months’ worth of dirty laundry renders dorm conditions inhabitable, when “meet me at Norris” gets old and the trek down to Chicago is complicated by endless viaduct construction, Evanston’s many mom and pop hangouts are a reliable alternative to social eremitism. More widely known as...

How to survive the Chicago cold

Amy Whyte, Reporter

August 27, 2012

As someone who was born and raised in Alabama, I grew up in the kind of town where an inch of snow on the ground could cancel school for a week. I rarely saw temperatures dip below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and considered it “cold” if it wasn’t tanktop weather. And then I went to Northwestern. Despite...

Evanston eateries: Where to eat off campus

Audrey Cheng, Reporter

August 27, 2012

As a college student with a dining plan, you’ll be surprised how much you find yourself eating out. While some claim they eat out because they get tired of the food served in dining halls, I suspect the habit of eating out so much might be because of the close proximity of downtown Evanston and its...

Campus top stops: Best events at NU

Kevin Trahan, Reporter

August 27, 2012

Dillo Day Dillo Day is an annual concert held at Northwestern each May, and it celebrated its 40th anniversary this spring. It’s the biggest concert held on campus each year and features artists from all different genres. Dillo Day is held on the Lakefill, just south of Lakeside Field, and many ...

Know your teams: A guide to NU’s top athletes

Josh Walfish, Gameday Editor

August 27, 2012

1. Football Summary: There is a lot of optimism in Evanston surrounding Pat Fitzgerald’s bunch this season. After four straight bowl games and five straight seasons of bowl eligibility, the pressure is on the Cats to finally end the bowl drought in 2012. The non-conference slate is challenging with...