History Quiz! How well do you know Evanston’s history?


Illustration by Danny O'Grady

The Grosse Point Lighthouse has long been an Evanston landmark and is still standing today.

Danny O'Grady, Design Editor


#1. Having been home to famous temperance movement leaders like Frances Willard, Evanston prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages beginning in the 1850s. In what year was this regulation removed?

#2. Evanston received its name in 1857 after which founder of Northwestern?

#3. Which of the following national organizations is not headquartered in Evanston?

#4. The Grosse Point Lighthouse is named after the land on which it was built. This land was given its name by explorers from which country?

#5. Evanston has experienced periods of dramatic growth in its history. One of those periods occurred between 1920 and 1930, when its population grew by how much?

#6. The Great Chicago Fire caused many Chicago residents to move to Evanston. In what year did the Great Chicago Fire take place?

#7. What sect of Christianity had a large presence in Evanston at its founding and would later influence many public policies?

#8. In 1960, NU unveiled its plan to expand its campus by reclaiming land submerged in Lake Michigan. This plan cost more than $5 million and extended the campus by how many acres?

#9. Which of the following people was Evanston’s first Black mayor as well as its longest-serving mayor?

#10. Which of the following numbers is closest to the current population of Evanston?


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