ASG receives Student Organization Finance Office training


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ASG members learned how to sign vouchers during a presentation by SOFO student supervisors Wednesday.

Julian Andreone, Reporter

Student Organization Finance Office student supervisors held a financial training session Wednesday for the Associated Student Government, including several members who serve on the Student Activities Finance Committee.

The student supervisors incorporated practice scenarios into their presentation, teaching ASG  senators and executive board members alike how to sign vouchers.

Student organizations requesting funding or completing a transaction must fill out a voucher, which informs SOFO how the allocated money will be spent and what the office should do with submitted documentation, according to SOFO’s presentation.

SOFO student supervisor and Weinberg senior Rebecca Huang said ASG members can apply what they learned about funding in their interactions with student groups. Huang served on the SAFC during the 2021-22 academic year.

“Senate and account executives have a huge responsibility in making sure that the student activities fund is being spent correctly,” Huang said. “Their role is basically serving as a check for those student groups.”

ASG allocated $66,609.27 in additional funding to student groups during Fall Quarter’s Funding Senate meeting in November.

ASG President and Weinberg senior Jason Hegelmeyer said student groups should be able to resolve financial issues and get vouchers signed more efficiently now that ASG has been trained by SOFO.

“I think a lot of student groups have been having difficulty reaching out to their account executives,” Hegelmeyer said. “Having more available accessibility from account executives, senators and (executive board) will make the whole process and financial transparency easier.”

Though SAFC members handle most financial work in ASG, senators who do not serve on the committee also play a role in funding allocation, according to Speaker of the Senate and Weinberg junior Dylan Jost.

Jost said he hopes senators apply the financial knowledge gained from the training to future ASG experiences and their respective student groups. 

“Oftentimes, there needs to be a lot of things explained to senators at Funding Senate meetings,” Jost said. “This will cut down on a lot of that explanation needed and it will kind of smoothen and quicken the process.”

ASG will begin a four-week trial run Wednesday that experiments with ending weekly meetings. The Feb. 8 meeting will be a town-hall style meeting held by ASG Senate leadership.

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