Evanston study spots you won’t want to miss


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Evanston offers a variety of local shops and businesses where students can get a change of scenery for studying.

Selena Kuznikov, Reporter

Throughout your time at Northwestern, you’ll eventually grow tired of the silence and Gothic structures of Deering Library or the rambunctious core of Main Library. Here are some of the best study spots around Evanston — if you can find a table, of course.

Coffee Lab & Roasters

A change from the downtown Evanston study spots, Coffee Lab is right near North Campus on Noyes Street. An iced ube latte paired with traditional Filipino pastries is the perfect fuel for a cram session before Finals Week. The independently owned business is about a five-minute walk from North Campus and will make you feel right at home.

Colectivo Coffee

Colectivo’s proximity to South Campus and wide variety of options for coffee and tea makes it one of the coffee shops you have to visit during your time at NU. Although this spot across from the downtown Target is usually quite crowded, the wait is worth it to spend a few hours there writing a paper or chatting with friends.

Newport Coffee House

Newport Coffee House’s modern design and beautiful lighting will help you get through even the toughest of assignments. Located on Davis Street, this shop offers organic coffee beans roasted in small batches to ensure their freshness. You can head here until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday and until 4 p.m. on Sundays.

Patisserie Coralie

A small, quaint French cafe on Davis Street, Patisserie Coralie has everything you need in a study spot: coffee, macarons and delicious sandwiches. Fall is the perfect time to enjoy its outdoor seating while hitting the books. Although the interior hosts a few tables, it may be hard to find a spot, so consider yourself lucky if you can snag a seat.

Peet’s Coffee

On Chicago Avenue in downtown Evanston, Peet’s Coffee is one of the best places to sit down and pull an all-day study session before an important final. About a six-minute walk from South Campus, Peet’s is the coffee shop to go to whenever you need a place to focus completely on work. 

Philz Coffee

A bit further from campus, Philz Coffee on Davis Street is a perfect escape from the stresses of studying on campus. While it’s about a 15-minute walk from South Campus, the specialty coffee and San Francisco-esque decor take you away from the hustle and bustle of campus life.

Starbucks on Sherman Avenue

Every student’s dream study spot: a seat at a table in the bustling downtown Starbucks. Known as “Sherbucks” to NU students, the spot is usually packed, and for good reason. If you like having a loud background to accompany your tough study sessions, Sherbucks is the place for you. This Starbucks is about a five-minute walk from South Campus, and is open until 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday and until 9 p.m. on Sundays.

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