Captured: Student musical artists perform at Kresgepalooza

Seeger Gray, Assistant Photo Editor

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The Songwriters Association at Northwestern hosted Kresgepalooza Friday night in Kresge Hall. The event featured more than 30 student singers, songwriters, bands and groups.

 A performer plays a keyboard and sings into a microphone in a dark room with a blue background.A group of people watch a performer sing in a room with gold streamers in the foreground.A performer plays on a keyboard and sings into a microphone. Dim blue lights highlight the performer’s outline.A performer plays an electric guitar and sings into a microphone in a dimly lit room. They wear a striped shirt and green dotted lights shine around them.A student mariachi group performs. Two performers sing into a microphone as three others play instruments behind them.A member of a crowd in the foreground records a group of performers on their phone.A performer plays on a keyboard and sings into a microphone. They lift their left hand as they sing.A crowd of people clap in a room with dim blue lighting.


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