Northwestern Dining to serve ice cream on Fridays in dining halls


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The proposal for ice cream in dining halls started in an ASG meeting, and is now a reality.

Joanna Hou, Assistant Campus Editor

Following an April 6 Associated Student Government resolution calling for ice cream in dining halls, Northwestern Dining announced Thursday it will start serving the frosty treat in varied dining halls weekly on Fridays.

Sargent and Foster-Walker will serve ice cream on the first and third weeks of May, and Allison and Elder will do so on the second and fourth weeks. ASG Chief of Staff Stephanie Shields proposed the resolution, titled “I Scream, You Scream, Wildcats Everywhere Scream for Ice Cream!” 

Shields said while running for ASG, she asked dozens of students what to improve about NU. The lack of ice cream in dining halls was a “universal complaint,” she said. 

“Everyone I mentioned (my resolution) to was immediately supportive,” Shields said. “When writing the legislation, I chose to focus on the positive effect ice cream would have on the mental health of our student body.” 

After the resolution passed, Shields said ASG engaged in many meetings with administrators. She added it was difficult to “confirm a permanent solution,” especially because the academic year is drawing to a close. 

Despite this, she said she wants to expand the program and hopes students appreciate the ice cream. 

“I am absolutely elated that Northwestern Dining is officially bringing ice cream to the dining halls,” Shields said. “I hope this brings the student body joy.” 

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