ASG Senate unanimously passes resolution for ice cream in dining halls


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Associated Student Government unanimously passed a resolution for ice cream in the dining halls. The University removed soft serve ice cream machines in fall 2018 due to breakdowns and budget cuts.

Charlotte Ehrlich, Assistant Newsletter Editor

At the Associated Student Government meeting Wednesday night, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind: ice cream in the dining halls. 

Weinberg Senator and sophomore Stephanie Shields proposed the resolution, “I Scream, You Scream, Wildcats Everywhere Scream for Ice Cream,” after receiving an overwhelming number of requests from peers.

The University removed soft serve ice cream machines in fall 2018 because of repeated breakdowns and budget cuts. 

“As senators, our primary position is to represent the voices of students that we are serving,” Shields said. “I’ve been listening, and a lot of our students are saying they would love to emulate our peer institutions.” 

After senators voiced their support, they unanimously passed the resolution. 

McCormick Senator and freshman Cate Mathews spoke in favor of the ordinance, along with other ASG members. 

“I know personally that the number one thing that anyone who knows I’m on Senate asks me about is, ‘Can you please, please, please get ice cream in the dining hall?’” Mathews said. “I could probably rattle off a list of 200 Northwestern students who really want this as well.”

ASG resolutions are not binding until approved by a University administrator. 

After the motion, Speaker of the Senate and Weinberg sophomore Dylan Jost announced openings for three seats on the Rules Committee. 

The committee serves as the judicial branch of ASG, making changes to its code and constitution. It also approves legislation before it goes to the Senate, according to Jost.

“It’s a good, small-knit group that works to make ASG a better and more equitable place,” he said. 

The Senate elected Hillel Senator and SESP freshman Adam Jaffe, College Democrats Senator and SESP sophomore Mary Slowinski and Shields to fill the seats.

Jost also hosted a listening session ahead of the Community Relations Committee meeting with Mayor Daniel Biss next Tuesday. 

Senators raised concerns about late-night food options, an increase in rent for restaurants and a plan for tackling homelessness in Evanston.

“(Biss) doesn’t often meet with or talk about Northwestern, we’ve had this issue of communicating with the mayor and the government entirely,” Community Relations Chair and Weinberg junior Mychael Torres said. “We’re trying to amend that, starting with this meeting.” 

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