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Venus, Columnist

Hey everybody,

Today we’ve got a spicy submission about everyone’s favorite topic: ass. So let’s get into it. 

Is eating ass really the new hottest trend? I feel like I woke up this past Thursday and it’s all the new craze. So naturally, I have so many questions. Who’s doing it? What do they like about it? Has exploring the anus really become the hit of 2022? What are standards for conversations about engaging in the activity, and what are tips and tricks to have the best experience possible?

—  Ass-king for a friend

Dear Ass-king for a friend,

Ass play may totally feel like the new hottest trend but trust that it’s been around for a while. Anal sex, in its many forms, has existed for as long as humans have. It has two really great perks — it doesn’t result in pregnancy and anyone can do it. 

Humans have engaged in anal sex throughout all of history, dating back as early as 300 AD. We know this because sculptures depicting anal sex have been found from that time period. At the time, this happened mainly between men and women or two men. 

Flash forward to the current, anal sex is typically affiliated with gay male culture. This is where I’ve heard the most conversations about it, from douching to poppers and more. 

Ironically, it also seems to come up in Western Christianity in two contradictory ways — sodomy and as a loophole. On one hand, it’s mentioned in anti-gay messaging about how anal is a sin according to the Bible. On the other hand, it’s often used as a way to be sexually active without “having sex before marriage,” see The Loophole, a parody video by comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates.

Last but not least, I must mention Barstool Sports who created and popularized “Ass Eatin SZN” in around 2017, which became a popular meme and hashtag. I believe this is where there was a significant cultural shift in eating ass. It’s not a gay thing anymore, this is what the bros do now. 

Interestingly enough, straight culture has welcomed ass eating as something men do to women, which is odd considering that people assigned female at birth don’t have a pleasure center in their ass, while men’s prostates or g spots are accessed through their anus. However that doesn’t mean that AFAB people can’t enjoy, or even cum, from ass stimulation. 

Now that we have established this long history, let’s get to some tips and tricks. Eating ass is just one of the many, many types of sexual intercourse people choose to engage in. Just like other types of sex, there are a lot of ass options — oral, hand stuff, penetration and more. 

As always, communication about consent, testing and hygiene are critical. Sexually active people should get tested at least every year if not every six months. Additionally, safe sex practices are critical. Using condoms and dental dams are really effective at preventing the spread of STIs. Finally, hygiene is important when it comes to ass play because if someone ingests fecal matter, they can get sick.

In order to have the best experience, communicate about what you want! If you don’t know what you want, tell your partner that you’re excited to experiment and take things slow.

In my opinion, ass eating is best when paired with fingering or something else — it enhances the experience. Remember, ass eating is for everyone. 

I hope this helps and happy ass eating season.

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