Blended Health & Smoothie Bar to open second location in Evanston this May


Illustration by Gemma DeCetra

Blended Health & Smoothie’s second location will open in Evanston this May on Central Street.

Cleo Kanter, Reporter

When Glenview resident April Doremus saw an open storefront on Central Street, she knew it was the perfect location for a second location of Blended Health & Smoothie Bar.

“It’s community-based, there’s people out and about, it’s definitely our target demographic and it’s close enough to campus that you can Grubhub, but close enough to the stadium that athletes can still visit,” Doremus said. “It was a no-brainer.” 

The store opened its first location in Glenview in 2020 and Doremus will open the second location this May. Her business aims to make customers with dietary restrictions feel they have options by providing food for those with dairy sensitivities, allergies, gluten sensitivity and other restrictions. 

Blended has numerous smoothie and acai recipes and offers customers a range of options, whether they are craving a sweet treat or a savory bite. Additionally, the restaurant offers a wide range of juices and pre-set cleanses, as well as waffles. 

Blended also partners with local fitness centers to offer customers deals and exclusives, such as free workout sessions or deals on workout packages. Many of their smoothies are named after local workout places in partnership to match the perfect post-workout mood, like the YogaSIX — a “Perfect for Post Yoga” mix of kale, avocado, banana, pineapple and lemon. 

Though she initially planned to launch her first storefront in Glenview during March of 2020, Doremus said her plans were postponed due to the pandemic. When restaurants were closed, she said she tested recipes and planned for her eventual opening in her dining room, promoting her business through social media. 

Doremus’ 15-year-old daughter has been an employee since its original opening, which Doremus said fuels her goal for Blended to provide a true family-friendly environment for local kids and families to enjoy healthy foods together. 

Customer Brooke Martyn said she has grown to be not only a customer but also a friend to the Blended team. Because of her positive experiences there, she said going to Blended became a regular outing for her and her kids.

“I want my kids to eat healthfully and it’s hard to find any kind of smoothie place that they would like,” Martyn said. “But they have made specific blends for my kids to try and even had my kids try something new. I’ve actually been able to take them and have healthy options.”

With the Evanston opening on the horizon, Doremus said she was excited to bring a healthy option to Northwestern students. Because many of her Glenview customers are NU athletes and coaches, a storefront closer to campus allows Doremus to expand even more widely among the student body, she said. She also hopes to find unique ways to partner with the university in the upcoming year. 

SESP sophomore Sarah Kushner said she’s excited for Blended to open its new location. 

“I’m really excited to have a clean healthy food restaurant in Evanston,” Kushner said. “I love going to Central Street because my favorite coffee shop and salad spot are there, so a smoothie place will be the perfect addition.” 

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