ASG establishes newsletter to boost transparency with the student body


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ASG members sit in a meeting. ASG recently established a weekly newsletter to increase transparency.

Joanna Hou, Copy Editor

Associated Student Government launched a weekly newsletter this quarter to increase its transparency with the student body. 

The newsletter, spearheaded by the Communications Committee, recaps Senate meetings, provides committee updates, features clubs and spotlights athletics. Communication sophomore Zai Dawodu, a committee member, said the newsletter is meant to help students better understand the inner workings of ASG.

“Last year, students had to vote during the ASG elections, but a good amount of students, especially because of the pandemic, don’t even know what ASG is and what they do,” Dawodu said.

Students may not want to sit through long Senate meetings, said SESP freshman Rayyana Hassan, another Communications Committee member. 

Hassan said the newsletter breaks down meetings so people don’t have to sift through confusing documents to take away key points. By simplifying ASG meetings, she said she hopes to increase informed awareness in the student body. 

“(There’s an) overall understanding that students want ASG to feel representative,” Hassan said. “The only way they can do that is if they know what’s going on with the student government.” 

Increasing transparency is a top priority for Dawodu, especially because ASG gets funding from student activity fees each quarter. Dawodu said it’s important students know where their contributions are going. 

Dawodu said ASG is supposed to help bear the University’s burden of student concerns.  

“I’m not sure if people realize all the different committees focus on different things like mental health or academics,” Dawodu said. “They can help you with problems that you may not realize actually fall under ASG.” 

Hassan added that clubs can utilize the newsletter to promote their events and said this can boost their outreach. ASG Chair of Communications and Weinberg junior Sohae Yang said organizations’ events need to meet certain criteria to be included in the newsletter. 

“We have a form for organizations to fill out if they want to have their event publicity materials published,” Yang said in an email to The Daily. “We have certain criteria (i.e the event must be open to all NU students or students outside of the club/organization who fit into the affinity group criteria) to be eligible.” 

Last month, ASG hosted a promotional event in Norris University Center where students could subscribe to the newsletter. Dawodu said ASG is planning to host more in the future. The newsletter is sent out every Tuesday, and students can subscribe through this form

Though the newsletter is in its initial phases, Dawodu said she’s already received positive feedback from students. 

“I have heard from people outside ASG that they appreciate (the newsletter), like it keeps people updated more on what ASG is doing,” Dawodu said. 

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